History of the Monaco Tennis Federation

Thanks to several grants donated by the Government, the city of Monaco and the Monegasque Olympic Committee, the F.M.T has taken significant steps in increasing the popularity of tennis and its coaching. The Principality now numbers 2,500 licencees (representing more than 8% of the global population of the country) and currently has the use of 23 outdoor courts, two of which are covered and two are hard, situated on the adjacent French commune of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, due to the limited space within the Principality!

Placed under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Monaco Tennis Federation has often been involved in some of the major events on the international tennis calendar. Indeed, on two occasions the Principality has hosted the Annual General Assembly of the International Tennis Federation (in 1968 and 1976), as well as its Spring Session (in 1997), and the Board Directors' Meeting (in April 2000 and 2002. Equally on 24th and 25th November 2000, the Junior General Assembly of the European Tennis Association celebrated its 25th anniversary in the Principality of Monaco. International competitions have also been held in Monaco, such as the 1st World Championhips for the under 14 years and 12 years (in 1982), the European Championhips team event in 1991, the Austria Cup (the world championship national veteran team event for the over 55 years, and the Soisbault Cup (the qualifiers for the European Championship junior team event) in 1999.

Sports-wise, the Monaco tennis team has competed on courts throughout the world, notably within the framework of the Galea Cup (no longer in existence), the European Championship team events as all as the Games of the Small States of Europe, the European Junior Championships and World Junior Games and, above all, the Davis Cup, in which the Monaco team has been participating since 1929!

After a first legendary home victory against Switzerland, the Principality of Monaco has competed in 71 Davis Cup events to this day, playing 139 matches (51 of which have been hosted in Monaco), against 58 nations.

Number of matches played per player:

Out of a total of 473 singles matches and 137 doubles matches (610 matches in all).
Please note: several players played the same doubles match together thus are counted several times in the sum of the individual matches!!

Ber. Balleret (69), Ben. Balleret (46), Couillard (45), C. Bosio (44), G. V. Landau (41), L. Borfiga (40), S. Graeff (40), C. Boggetti (38), E. Heussner (38), G. Pasquier (33), R. Gallèpe (32), F. Truchi (27), P. Landau (25), R. Borghini (24), .R. Lisnard (24), A. Noghès (24), J. Seguin (23), Ad. Viviani (22), G. Ganancia (20), J. Vincileoni (19), JG. Médecin (9), E. Vanderpol (8), M. Borfiga (7), A. Vatrican (7), Al. Viviani (6), A. Dalbergue (4), S. Skudlarek (4), E. Carlier (3), T. Oger (10), T. Drouet (9), Ph. Ventura (3), A. Manigley (2), Y. Médecin (2), R., C. Morel (2), Ruzic (2), C. Collange (1), A. Mellet (1), O. Peyret (1).

To this day, Monaco has won 64 victories for 75 defeats. Its team plays within the Group II of the Euro-African Zone.