The Mediterranean Games

The Mediterranean Games, created in 1951, are a multi-sport competition in which athletes from nations around the Mediterranean basin take part. 

They are organised by the Mediterranean Games International Committee (CIJM) and are held every four years, during the year following the Summer Olympic Games.

Currently 24 countries participate including:

Albania - Algeria - Andorra - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Cyprus - Croatia - Egypt - Spain - France - Greece - Italy - Lebanon - Libya - Republic of Macedonia - Malta - Morocco - Monaco - Montenegro - San-Marino - Serbia - Slovenia - Syria - Tunisia - Turkey

Melanie-Antoinette de Massy President

Welcome to the website of the Monegasque Tennis Federation. 

The Monegasque Federation contributes to create ties between Federations and foreign clubs as well as to federate the clubs of the Principality, currently five of them. Affiliated to the International Tennis Federation, its national team compete in the prestigious Davis Cup competition since 1929. 

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