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Davis Cup 2018

Davis Cup

Currently, the Monegasque Federation is in its week of preparation before leaving for Bulgaria on Saturday 31st March.

The 8 teams of Group III will be divided into 2 pools of 4 teams. The Draw on Tuesday will decide which teams will make up the Monaco and Bulgaria pool, both top seeds.

Our players must win every pool match to take part in the final on Saturday 7 April. The winning team of this final will integrate the Davis Cup Group II.

Click here for live match results.

We wish the very best to Lucas, Romain, Benjamin, Thomas and their captain Guillaume.

Baroness Elizabeth-Ann de Massy President

Welcome to the Monegasque Tennis Federation website. 

The Monegasque Federation contributes to create ties between the Federations and foreign clubs and group the clubs that hitherto existed in the Principality, currently 4. Affiliated to the International Federation, its national team compete in the prestigious Davis Cup competition since 1929. 

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