The management


For many years, the F.M.T. has established a technical partnership with the Monte-Carlo Country Club to support its Tennis School. Our objectives are to identify and train the best players to incorporate them into the “advanced group”, which is composed of the Tennis School’s best players, nominated by the coach. This group constitues our source of players for future competitions for he Principality and forms a pyramidal organisation of players eligible for competition tennis.

CoachJacques Vincileoni 



This group, composed of the elite of the “advanced group” concerns juniors who already have a regional or national French ranking  and who regularly compete in individual or team tournaments in the Alpes-Maritimes or in the PACA region. The FMT’s wish is to accompany these junior players to the tournaments to assess their level and performance during matches. This group makes up the best players of the Monte-Carlo Country Club. 

Coach: Paul-Antoine Quilichini



The high level section is composed of our semi-professional or professional players who already represent of will represent the Principality in international competitions. Our principal aim is to train these players in order to achieve the primary objective: to maintain the Davis Cup team in the Group II, Euro-Africa Zone. 

CoachGuillaume Couillard (Captain)

Melanie-Antoinette de Massy President

Welcome to the website of the Monegasque Tennis Federation. 

The Monegasque Federation contributes to create ties between Federations and foreign clubs as well as to federate the clubs of the Principality, currently five of them. Affiliated to the International Tennis Federation, its national team compete in the prestigious Davis Cup competition since 1929.