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FEBRUARY 2023 - Time for the Davis Cup !

Players - Monegasque Tennis Federation

Davis Cup time ! 


Lucas CATARINA (ATP Singles Ranking: 507th as of February 28th, 2023)

Lucas won a very controlled victory against Nick Hardt, the Dominican player ranked 210th in the world. With this superb result (6/3 - 6/4), Lucas was able to inspire confidence in his teammates. In addition, he reached the finals of two M15 tournaments held in Monastir, Tunisia.

Daghe Lucas!


Valentin VACHEROT (ATP Singles Ranking: 318th as of February 28th, 2023)

Two beautiful win in the Davis Cup match against the Dominican Republic against Roberto Cid-Subervi (6/3 - 5/7 - 6/4) and Peter Bertran (6/7 - 6/4 - 10/8) perfectly launched this second month of the year 2023.

Two M25 tournaments in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal (including a quarterfinal), conclude this beautiful February.

Daghe Valentin!


Romain ARNEODO (ATP Doubles Ranking: 93rd as of February 28th, 2023)

Romain continued with very top results in several ATP Challengers with three semifinals:

In Vilnius, Lithuania, in Manama, Bahrain, or in Marseille to conclude this February month!

With the National Team, Romain and Hugo definitively confirmed Monaco's victory against the Dominican Republic, with a win against Roberto Cid Subervi and Nick Hardt 7/6 - 6/3.

Daghe Romain!


Hugo NYS (ATP Doubles Ranking: 19th as of February 28th, 2023)

After an exceptional final at the Australian Open, it's time for the Davis Cup for Hugo Nys!

An important victory with Romain Arneodo that gave Monaco a definitive advantage over the Dominican Republic.

For his individual career (with his teammate: Jan Zielinski), several participations in several renowned tournaments including:

In ATP 500 in Rotterdam (Netherlands) or in Dubai (U.A.E).

In ATP 250 in Doha (Qatar).

Hugo will finish the month of February with a magnificent 19th place in the world (doubles), his best ranking in professional career!

Daghe Hugo !


Melanie-Antoinette de Massy President

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The Monegasque Federation contributes to create ties between Federations and foreign clubs as well as to federate the clubs of the Principality, currently five of them. Affiliated to the International Tennis Federation, its national team compete in the prestigious Davis Cup competition since 1929.